I wonder how many adults suffer from a lack of creative self expression?

10 03 2011

I can guess that at some point in most people’s lives they suffer from a lack of creative expression or self expression.
Like any condition, there are obvious symptoms: Job dissatisfaction, restlessness, lack of enthusiasm or motivation, indecisiveness, prone to imitate well known people or maybe having a mid-life crisis.
Any one of these symptoms can be contributed to other things but together they point to an internal battle.
A battle between their personality & dreams, against their career direction & other external factors.
I’m no Psychologist but there are things that makes every unique heart sing & things that don’t.
Without a way to express yourself in a positive way, you can be suffering from a kind of emotional malnutrition. So feed your soul. Find the form of expression that suits you. You probably remember what that was.

For the ‘being born creative’ series (childhood creativity)
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11 03 2011
liz zaccara

An indicator of how well you are sailing in life I think will always come down to this. Creativity has no room if there is unprocessed pain, distress, resentment…. and we all have them! You can’t just “get over it” it needs to be processed, and sometimes thats by creative expression, but most definetly creative expression can’t flow unless these things get properly discharged… I can’t quote the study, but I one read that the only comon lifestyle factor between sociopathic serial killers was the fact that they had no imaginative play as children… wow… thanks for your blog. As a mother I feel very strongly about this… cheers Liz

17 03 2011

Thanks Liz for your great comments.
You obviously understand the creative process.
The relationship between emotional pain and creative expression is very interesting. Art Therapy is probably the closest ‘science’ that explains the benefits of expressing memories & emotions visually or musically.
It can also become a good escape from them. Not a way of working through them but creative play can be a very good coping mechanism.
Something kids and adults need to keep enjoying.
Thanks so much Liz. Steve

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