You can’t create your own truth, but you can create from what is true about you.

27 03 2011

There are a lot of philosophies out there. It’s been like that since the ancient Greeks.
To make things more complicated, there are many mixtures of these philosophies. Then you get trends & cycles where similar philosophies reappear every few years or so.
Some people probably say to themselves, “I don’t know what the truth is, I’m just going to create my own truth”. So they take the position that truth is relative, my truth is true for me and your truth is true for you. (That in it’s self is a philosophy).
Truth is a sensitive subject for some people, because truth has become ‘my truth’ and ‘your truth’. And who’s to say that ‘your truth’ is better than ‘my truth’. You see the problem?
But there’s a big difference between ‘creating your truth’, and ‘Creating a life from what is true about you’.
 There are things that are true about you that you didn’t create. You didn’t decide on a lot of things that make up who you are. We are a combination of natural ability, personality & education. We live in an environment that is a combination of economy, climate and culture. How we choose to combine these internal and external factors, becomes the life we create for ourselves. We create from what is true about us.

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27 03 2011

This is…brilliant. Thanks for sharing.

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