Have you ever said to yourself, “i Need to Create”.
If you are anything like me, you have told yourself this almost every day.
If fact I have been so interested in ways of being more actively creative, that I have spent the past 11 years teaching myself about how to do just that.
But I also became just as interested in helping others to restart, develop and sustain their creative journeys.
The subjects I will be exploring will be:
•What is creativity anyway? Am I creative? What type of creative expression is best suited to you?
•Growing creatively: The search, The right fit, Your dream future, Your creative identity, Expressing yourself, Routine & rhythms, You and the world, Making creative choices, Finding satisfaction in your work, What will keep you moving, Being a creative leader, and many more subjects to explore.
•The creative process: Beginning, The right questions, Catching ideas, The creative mind, Making creative connections, Finding the interesting, Ideas from “the deep”, Making it, Creative passion.
•A creative Business: The grand endeavor, Making a living, Professional direction, Innovate everything, Media devices & opportunities, Being a specialist, Your knowledge & goals, Picking a business model, Going to market, It’s an opportunity actually, On the road again, Second wind.
•Creative communication: (In a creative business): Information design, Visual communication, Messages and mediums, A good story, Entertaining & informative, Feedback.
•Creating an audience: Identifying your audience, Your message & style, Humor & empathy.
•Creative balance: Career, personal life, finances, trends, family, commitments etc.


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