50 Advantages of creativity

17 03 2010

50 Advantages of creativity:

Firstly, I would like to give my definition of creativity:
Everyone has their own definition but this is the one that has been most practical to me over the years.

Creativity is firstly the process of forming new connections, associations or relationships between ideas, objects and people. So you can make original, relevant and interesting results for yourself and others.
Secondly, creativity is about re-purposing: To take something originally intended for one purpose and find a new use for it. You can re-purpose objects, content, old ideas, situations and even yourself.
So you could say that connections are about multiple ingredients and re-purposing is about singular things used in a different context.
( New Connections OR New Context = creativity).

Now for the advantages….

01• You become more flexible
02• More prepared for an unpredictable job descriptions in the future
03• You become more able to compete
04• You become more efficient by finding solutions faster
05• You see solutions that others don’t
06• You become more receptive to the opinions of others
07• You enjoy learning new things
08• You become more optimistic, hopeful & positive
09• Unforeseen situations scare you less, or not at all
10• Accept failure to be just part of the learning process
11• You curiosity is regularly engaged
12• You observe things others don’t
13• Your work becomes more satisfying & meaningful
14• You earning potential isn’t capped
15• You can re-purpose or re-invent yourself when desired
16• You take on more self-directed learning & projects
17• You have a greater chance of becoming a leader in your field
18• You can possibly create a new field of knowledge or medium
19• You become more collaborative (less threatened by the talent of others)
20• You can reach a bigger audience, user base or customers
21• Your ideas give you more options & choices
22• You become more focused / less distracted
23• You create employment for yourself & others
24• Dreams become possible
25• More intellectually stimulated
26• Gives opportunity to express your feelings in new ways
27• A greater sense of purpose
28• Having the satisfaction of learning a skill
29• Being passionate about what you do
30• A belief that your best work is ahead of you
31• Have opportunities to express your perspective in interesting ways
32• Having a more defined personal or professional identity
33• Finding outlets for your imagination
34• Having a greater ability to adapt to change (or to be the agent of change)
35• Better able to visualise things unseen or not made
36• The ability of turning an undesirable situation into a beneficial one
37• Having the ability of making things work
38• Seeing the value in unintended results & unexpected observations
39• Being able to see many options that best serve multiple needs or goals
40• Form richer relationships with peers and public
41• Being a person that defines or redefines a cultural identity
42• You have more original ideas (Less accepting of common myths)
43• Having something to show for all your hard work
44• Bringing characters, stories & journeys to life
45• Having the ability to visually communicate concepts
46• Bringing innovation to products, services & processes
47• Finding metaphors to help communicate new ideas & concepts
48• Designing for added value to projects & companies
49• Is to develop your personality
50• is to transplant all your emotions, enthusiasm & message into your audience